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Can-Four Industrial Supplies Ltd. provides a full line of chemical conversion coatings, industrial cleaners and pre-treatment chemistry for all of your metal finishing needs. Manganese Phosphate, Zinc Phosphate, and metal pre-treatments for premium connections, pipe thread and downhole tools for the Oil & Gas sector.

Industry leading solutions from Quaker Houghton and Can-Four Industrial Supplies Ltd. can meet all requirements for the oil and gas industry and beyond.

Metal Finishing Products:

Houghto-Phos 6100

Product Desription:
Houghto Phos 6100 is a manganese phosphate product designed to be used in the break in lubrication of iron and steel components. Houghto Phos 6100 has proven to be a leader in the OCTG industry by providing exceptional coating performance that meets all the requirements of major OEM’s.

Houghto-Clean 8001

Product Desription:
Houghto-Clean 8001 is a heavy duty alkaline soak cleaner designed for use on ferrous alloys. Houghto-Clean 8001 incorporates a highly efficient detergent and emulsifier system which rapidly solubilize most industrial oils. Inert soils and carbonaceous material are easily dispersed and removed from metal surfaces leaving a chemically clean substrate.

SS-Zinc Phosphate

Product Desription:

SS- Zinc Phosphate is an advanced heavy duty zinc phosphate compound used to prevent galling and reducing friction while providing the material with corrosion protection. SS-Zinc Phosphate will meet the requirements of major OEM’s by providing a consistent coating weight and visually appealing grain structure.

Package Sizes:
20 Litre Pail, 208 Litre Drum

Houghto Prep ZP

Product Desription:
The Houghto-Prep ZP product line cleaner and self-limiting coating for ferrous, aluminum, and other non-ferrous components in preparation for paint and other organic coatings displaces surface soils/oils and using an efficient proprietary zirconium oxide chemistry, producing an amorphous coating that promotes paint adhesion and salt spray resistance. Zirconium Oxide is the leading edge of technology for metal finishing applications.

Package Sizes:
208 Litre Drum

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