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Quaker Houghton is a global leader in corrosion preventives. Can-Four Industrial Supplies can solve all of your rust preventive problems at every stage of your process.

Rust Prevention Products:


Why use Rust Vet0?

  • Saves money – ends unnecessary repair and replacement, lengthens equipment life.
  • Keeps surface quality, preserves dimensions.
  • Protects appearance.

How to determine which Rust Prevention product you need:

  1. Are parts stored indoors, outdoors, or outdoors in a shed?How long is the shipping or storage time?
  2. What general type of protective film is required?
  3. What type of metal(s) is involved?
  4. What is the desired dry-to-handle time?
  5. What is the application temperature range?
  6. Is application by dip, spray, or brush?
  7. Are corrosive fumes and vapours present?
  8. Are parts exposed to high humidity or salt spray conditions?
  9. Must the protective coating be removed before plating or painting?
  10. If the coating isn’t removed, should it have lubricating qualities?
  11. What is the storage temperature range?
  12. Are the parts wet when coated with rust preventative?

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