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STA-PUT Rock Drill Oils for all air-operated equipment at all temperatures. The advantages of this product are increased film strength and to “stay put” with high “oiliness value”.

STA-PUT Oil Series is the standard of many large mines and contractors because they protect expensive hard-to-repair tools located in outlying regions where maintenance is costly and time consuming.

STA-PUT Oil Series work in any type of oiler. These oils wet out sufficiently to adhere to all surfaces within the machine. They don’t form gummy residues with either wet or dry air, and they don’t separate. They cause a very minimum of fluid friction, have sealing ability to prevent air blowing past the piston, and meet the low cold test need for all operating requirements. The ability to resist corrosion is another important advantage of STA-PUT Oil Series for Rock Drill lubrication.

The use of various additives gives definite polar properties; that is, these additives form a thin molecular film over the entire lubricated surface and protect it against the corrosive effects of moisture, fumes, and other impurities. These additives also increase the cohesive as well as adhesive properties. This protects the metallic surfaces from being washed clean of oil by excessive amounts of moisture. Because of these added properties, STA-PUT Oil Series oils wet out all parts rapidly and will not blow-by readily. They resist fogging or gassing in service. Consequently, a smaller amount of the treated oil is used in service without the ill effects that untreated mineral oils have in close quarters.

STA-PUT Rock Drill Oil Products:


Product Description:
Recommended for jack hammers and tractor mounted drills on construction and open pit mining projects for normal use down to –18°C, and in underground mining on all types of drills up to 3” and smaller drills where mine temperatures constantly exceed 15°C.; also where exhaust freezing is encountered.

Container Sizes:
20 Litre Pail, 1250 Litre Tote


Product Description:
Recommended for tractor mounted drills over 4” for open pit mining, construction projects and underground mining where temperatures range from –18°C. to 26°C.; also where exhaust freezing is encountered.

Container Sizes:
20 Litre pail, 1250 Litre Tote

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